The Real Roxie Hart

In April of 1924, Beulah Annan shot her lover in the bedroom she shared with her husband Al.  She rested next to the dead man and played one song over and over on her phonograph until Al arrived home.  What followed is such a sensational story, that reporter Maureen Watkins used it as the basis for her successful play, Chicago.  That play was the basis for the hit musical and later Oscar-winning movie of the same name.  Listen carefully because not everything you hear is true, and it’s not easy to decide if it’s Fact or Fiction!

This is the only picture I could find of Harry Kolstadt, the victim.


All of shots above are pictures of Beulah I found in contemporary articles.



After the trail, Beulah profusely thanked the “beauty-proof” jury members.

Beulah with her lawyers.

Beulah and husband, Al Annan [left]; Buelah with speech bubble [right]

This calendar plate advertising Tenant Laundry, the place where Beulah met her lover, was for sale on Ebay.

Reporter and playwright, Maureen Watkins.

Picture of Buelah Annan’s Mother Embracing Her After Trial to prove that my fiction was truly a fiction.  LOL!

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