Fiblett #4: Lovebirds Fly the Coop

Choice #1 about the attempted elopement of nineteen year old Cleo Broadhurst and his married lover Mrs. C. J. Ware appeared under the title of “Eloping Boy Slept on the Job” in The Kansas City Times on 22 September, 1910, p. 1.

Choice #2 was the story of two sisters who ran away together with their boyfriends. It was printed on October 12, 1884 in the St. Louis Globe Democrat as “Double Elopement from Boonville.”

Choice #3, “Heiress Weds Penniless Musician, debuted on the Fact or Fiction Podcast on September 4, 2020. I wrote this one based on a number of articles from the era like it. Lots of heiress ran away with unsuitable men.

Choice #4 outlines a the scandalous affair of Emma Stockton Norton and Henry W. Moore, good friend of Emma’s husband. Moore was also married.

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