Fact or Fiction: Author Series presents Mike Vance

James Brockman rose from shady character to preeminent defense attorney in Houston, Texas representing clients including gang leaders, jilted spouses, wealthy storekeepers and drunken on-duty policemen. His career gained national recognition, including his involvement in the most famous American murder case of the young twentieth century, when he himself was murdered leaving a dubious legacy.

Houston historian Mike Vance’s book Getting Away with Bloody Murder examines Brockman, the criminals he defended, and the crimes they allegedly committed. In this episode, Vance shares several riveting stories from his book. As always on the show, he inserts one fictional detail. Try to identify what he made up, but be warned: it’s not easy to know if something is fact or fiction.

All images courtesy of Mike Vance.

Image of J. B. Brockman
J. B. Brockman was a successful defense attorney in Houston until he himself was murdered.
Brockman, Kahn, and Williams were lawyers in Houston, TX.
Henry Kahn and J. B. Brockman were law partners in Houston, Texas in the early 1900s.
Albert Patrick is shown after his release from prison.
Lawyer Albert Patrick, shown here after his release from prison, was convicted of murdering William Marsh Rice.
Getting Away with Bloody Murder book cover
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