Fact or Fiction: Author Series presents Kimberly Tilley

On Christmas Eve of 1900, someone got away with murder. Frank Richardson, wealthy business owner and family man, was shot as he entered his home. Although many people may have wanted him dead, the crime has remained unsolved to this day. Kimberly Tilley, author of Has it Come to This? The Mysterious, Unsolved Murder of Frank Richardson tells us the mostly-true story about Frank Richardson and his murder. She inserts one fiction into this unbelievable story. Try to identify what she made up, but be warned: it’s not easy to know if something is fact or fiction.

Has It Come to This? cover

Frank Richardson was trying to turn his life around when he was murdered on Christmas Eve.
Addie Richardson was an attractive woman.








Bessie worked for the Richardsons and lived in their home.
Stewart Fife
Young Stewart Fife was the attractive son of Frank’s business partner.







The Richardson Home
The Richardson’s home and the scene of Frank’s murder.


Note: All of the above images are taken from Has It Come to This? by Kimberly Tilley.

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