Author Series present Jeffrey D. Simon and “The Bulldog Detective”

Today’s guest is author Jeffrey D. Simon, author of several books about terrorism and a former RAND analyst who also taught at UCLA. As a guest on Fact or Fiction, Jeff has agreed to share some of the highlights from his most recent book, The Bulldog Detective: William J. Flynn and America’s First War Against the Mafia, Spies, and Terrorists. Flynn’s career provides a fascinating glimpse into early 20th century crimes and detective methods, and his character is one of the most interesting of the era.

As always, Jeff will infuse one fictional detail into this unbelievable but factual story. Will I guess the fiction? Will you? Listen carefully, because it’stricky to know if something is fact or fiction. Ready to play?

Book cover with a large man dressed in a suit, an overcoat, and a hat.
The Bulldog Detective by Jeffrey D. Simon
A flyer with text and a portrait of a man with a mustache.
Advertisement for series of short films described as being incidents in the career of William J. Flynn, who at the time was the director of the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, on page 13 of the January 3, 1920 Exhibitors Herald. Wikimedia Commons.
A sepia-toned photo of three men.
Attorney-General Alexander Mitchell Palmer (left) with William J “Chief” Flynn (right) is head of the Bureau of investigation of the Department of Justice and Francis P. Garvan (center). Wikimedia Commons.

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