Fiblett #2

  1. This story of the murder of Miss Jane Brunot appeared in the April 22, 1899 edition of the Herald and Review out of Decator, Illinois. One fun note is that Miss Jane Brunot who was described as elderly was, according to another article, forty-five years old!
  2. The story of the the Albright brothers who were brought to a St. Louis jail for safekeeping appeared in January 23,  1897 edition of The News Boy, Benton, Missouri’s newspaper.
  3. An Unnatural Crime appeared in the June 20, 1895 page one of The Palmyra Spectator.
  4. Macintosh Offers No Defense for Senseless Murder appeared no where in no newspapers! This was created by Laura Shimel for the sole purpose of distracting from the true crime articles! If you chose this as the fiction, then you win! Great work!

Fiblett #1

Fibletts are mini-episodes of Fact or Fiction that allow you to test your own skills at finding the fiction within the facts!  I’ll read four paragraphs, three of which are from an article or related articles and one that is my own invention.  It’s up to you to decide which one is the fiction and which ones are the facts!  I’ll come clean in two weeks in the next Fiblett edition.  If you can’t wait that long, you can find the truth at or at the Fact or Fiction Facebook page.  

Listen carefully, because it’s more difficult than you think to distinguish between fact or fiction.

Thanks for checking here to find the fiction! If you guessed #2: Cold-Blooded Patricide, you were right! That story was my own attempt at creative fiction. The rest of the stories were from the 1892 St. Louis Globe Democrat article, “Fiends in Human Form: Murderers’ Row and Its Nineteen Gory Occupants.” Thanks for listening!

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